Liverpool Champions 2020

  After 30 years Liverpool have become Champions of England once again! Having some come close so many times, so much heartache, LFC finally won the BIG one! #IKWT #InKloppWeTrust #Dankeklopp Celebrate Liverpool finally winning the 2020 Premier League! Check put some Liverpool t-shirts on Unmarked! 

News of the Week 7/2/20

W2: 7/2/20 Welcome to Week 2 of my News of the Week posts. This week has been filled with quite some fun news stories as well as some actual news. (I did balls things up. I was going to start writing from Monday but forgot all about it and, as a result, have lost *forgotten* […]

News of the Week 31/1/20

W1: 31/1/20 Today marks the first of a (hopefully) weekly series of my take on the news of the week. Rather than write a GraveTalk on the subjects or send out tweets (that I can’t send in 140 characters), I thought I might try writing about the best news stories of the week and what […]

GraveTalk: New Year’s Eve Special

Bye Bye 2019. Back To The Twenties!!! So 2019 ends and we now we get back the Roaring 20’s! (Except unlike the 1920’s, the 2020’s my not be so roaring – But enough of politics, let’s have some fun!!!) Thank you all for reading all the GraveTalk’s of 2019 and this last one is going […]

2020 Tour

With all of the bullshit going on in the UK (and World) at the moment, I am tempted to do a UK Tour (Maybe leading into a European/World tour – if worthwhile!) telling my view on the state of the UK. There are dickheads in the UK who will vote for Conservative or Nigel Farage […]