GraveTalk 15: 2019 General Election Special

Here it is! Here is my Official Guide for the 2019 UK General Election. Enjoy! (LET ME TELL YOU WHO TO VOTE FOR!) Let’s start with this. Boris and his Conservatives are a bunch of whiny, pathetic, little brats. Blaming Jeremy Corbyn and Labour for their incompetencies – despite being in power since 2010. They, […]

GraveTalk 12: Fireworks

Why Sainsburys are right to ban fireworks AND why others should follow and more!  Here we go! Time for another GraveTalk! I know it’s a bit different from the schedule I put on at the end of the last one, but I think this needs to be said. This GraveTalk is about fireworks – in […]

GraveTalk 11: The Power Of Music

What makes music so good? And how can it help people? Find out here!   All you seem to hear in the news is misery, wars, poverty, mental health, shootings, stabbings, and Borump (Boris and Trump) – It’s seems to be full of the bad things. Well let’s take a look at how music can […]