Graveyard on 2K20

Coming this week you will be able to download all Graveyard related merch on WWE 2K20! Within the next 2 weeks you will able to download all of Graveyard’s best designs. As well as challenging him to a match. You can also support Graveyard by purchasing his t-shirts and products on and on Teespring!

New Features

Some interesting news.  I will be soon introducing some new features, as I Iook to concentrate on building up my website. One of these is going to be “Graveyard Says”, which will be a sort of GraveTalk, but with a different touch. This will be a sort of newspaper-like column where I shall be writing […]

Website New Look

I am going to be giving my website a new makeover in time for summer. I will be making the changes in April, which will mean the site will be down for a while. I am getting rather bored of the way the site looks, so I hope you all will be welcoming of a […]


I have a big project in the pipeline. This special project is going to be big and will be beneficial to both darts players (mostly amateur/upcoming) and fans. The groundwork has already begun on this project, but you will all have to wait a little longer before all is revealed. This project will help take […]