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GraveTalk 28: TransOlympics

So much for equality and LGBQTABC rights! WOW!!! Gone for so long, starving you from your eagerly anticipated GraveTalk’s, but then when you’ve just about given up TWO come along at once!  I have to admit this will be my favourite GraveTalk! Talk about equality! This is what happens when campaign for so long about […]

GraveTalk 27: Vaccination Special

Welcome Back!!! Well isn’t this a surprise! After almost a year GraveTalk is BACK!  Firstly, thanks for letting my site get like that and thanks very much for the help you gave me to get it back running again (well only after I told you and then it took you 8 months to take […]

GraveTalk 26: The Environment & Global Warming

“It’s getting hot in here” I thought with all the reports on pollution, climate change, melting ice, etc… I’d do a GraveTalk on global warming and pollution, while criticsing the organisations who talk about taking action… by a certain year instead of now. But before I begin, here’s a little plug… By the way, if […]

Crossed That Line – OUT NOW!!!

After 6 years, back in June I finally released my first joke book – a collection of what I thought were the sickest jokes around that I had thought of over the 6 years and would be hard to beat. Well, I just over two months later I discovered that I had in-fact outdid myself […]