GraveTalk 25: Racism: The Hat-trick!

Where’s my match ball! Because of this trend not going away and the fact that new people are coming forward, I have to do yet another bloody GraveTalk about this racism trend – Yes it is a trend, like that feminist movement a few years ago. This will soon blow away, however, right now it […]

GraveTalk 24: Return of the Victorian Age

= OOH, A BRAND-NEW LOOK! GraveTalk gets a face-lift! After 3 years I felt a fresh-new look was in order! The new logo makes this appear more professional and more of a proper blog. However, it is just the logo that’s changed, I’ll still be having my say on sensitive, difficult issues! Let’s begin, after […]

GraveTalk 23: Black Lives Matter

I SWEAR I’VE DONE THIS ALREADY? Yes I am doing this AGAIN! Because people are still going on about this crap and looking into the past for things to piss and moan about, I have a bit more to say on this matter. This won’t be a long one [Well it might] as I made […]

GraveTalk 22: Humour & Jokes

[This one was a lot harder to write than I thought. I thought I could get my points a cross a lot more easily than I have – I’ve used my trump card too early] What’s Not To Laugh At To coincide with the launch of my (sick) joke book ‘Crossing That Line’ I feel […]

GraveTalk 21: Racism

Protests, bandwagons & Morals Another sensitive GraveTalk – you know how I like to do these tough topics. It’s hard but being the man of reason that I am I feel I need to address this situation – Don’t worry I’ll be doing another sensitive GraveTalk next – This time on jokes! Right, over the […]