2020 Tour

With all of the bullshit going on in the UK (and World) at the moment, I am tempted to do a UK Tour (Maybe leading into a European/World tour – if worthwhile!) telling my view on the state of the UK. There are dickheads in the UK who will vote for Conservative or Nigel Farage simply because ‘they like what they say’? What??? You should vote for the party who will do the most good for the country not because of the propaganda they (falsely) promise!

However, I need your help. Let me know in the comments about whether you want me to go on tour next year. I will need numbers before I get the go ahead (More importantly locations. I don’t want to go to Hull, Birmingham and Milton Keynes again! – Milton Keynes wasn’t that bad – I want a place with a good nightlife/pub crawl!).

Let me know. It’s time for a change and maybe WE can make THE change happen!






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